Doterra BOGO Week Tuesday November 2017

Doterra BOGO Week Tuesday November 2017

I absolutely love Doterra Essential Oils, I love Thanksgiving holiday even more which is why I adore that Doterra offers a Buy One get One Free every day the week of Thanksgiving.  This year is no Exception.

Peace + Motivate Doterra Bogo Week Tuesday November 2017 1

Motivate Blend

This pre diluted motivate blend promotes feelings of confidence and courage increasing feelings of energy, focus, concentration and stamina.  I diffuse this blend every day at my desk and it is amazing.  A combination of Peppermint, citrus, coriander, basil, yuzu, melissa, rosemary and vanilla.  It is uplifting, warm and spicy with sweet undertones. I love this oil and could not be more excited.

Motivate blend not only motivates you to do things, but affects the part of your brain that re-engages your excitement about things that you have been passionate about.  Diffuse this and you will Rei-ignite your passion for life.


Peace + Motivate Doterra BOGO Week Tuesday November 2017

Peace Blend

This is a very earthy and grounding blend.  It contains oils from the Vetiver, lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage, marjoram, labdanum and Spearmint plants.

It promotes feelings of peacefulness and calmness.  It is a great oil to roll on during the holidays.


To order your Bogos click here  You can click shop now and pay retail prices, or if you have been thinking about getting a wholesale membership (similar to Costco), click join and save to get 25% off for an entire year.

A wholesale membership is 25%off  retail pricing, with the option to get reward points back for your shipping cost and continued purchase. (who doesn’t want product points?).

From there choose wholesale membership, which means you have no interest in sharing with friends and family or Wellness Advocate which means you can earn sales (and commissions) when the people you care about most sign up to improve their health too.

Whether you select Wholesale membership or Wellness Advocate, you can shop at leisure, select the introductory packet and purchase oils a la carte.   You also have the option of choosing an enrollment kit, which are discounted normally, but discounted an additional 20% in November 2017.  These enrollment kits include your $35.00 membership and include our most popular oils to fit anyones expertise from beginner to expert.

To Finish, just enter your information like you would any other shopping experience and your oils should arrive within the week…. Congrats

If you need a little more guidance, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you select the oils and or kit that help best meet your needs at the lowest price available.


Peace in Haiku

Peace in Haiku



I have a daily routine.  After I get ready in the morning, I have my tea and read the trending news.  I read it from many sites to ensure that I get a well rounded view of what the right and left are both thinking on any given topic, then I form an opinion.  What I have noticed is that in today’s political climate it is becoming so difficult to be respectful and tolerant of others views when most of the time someone is on the hateful other end.  It is such a shame, I’ve never seen such a polarized community;  I worry that we could end up in serious civil unrest.  I mean why are we above it, you watch it happen in other civilized nations.   The thing that keeps screaming in my head is that we need to find peace….  I wish it for all of you, here is todays Haiku about Peace, Roll some on, roll with the punches, and love your neighbor, even if you don’t appreciate their values and opinions, chances are their heart is good.


Blood Rushes, Tides Rise

Drowning in Rage; Peace is Our

Flotation Device


Although I am very aware that essential oils can’t cure the worlds problem (and trust me I wish they could), I do know that essential oils can affect emotions.  I’ve been wearing this grounding calming blend for a while.


Peace be With you,