Want to change dōTERRA uplines? considering switching dōTERRA teams? Read this first!

I get tons of emails and comments on my youtube channel from people looking to change doterra teams.  If your wondering how to switch doterra teams, I’m here to tell you that it sucks, and if there is any way to stay where you are and “grow where you’re planted”, you should, it will make your life much easier.

Here’s a couple of things that I would suggest you do in order to avoid moving teams.

  1. Be very clear with your upline about what support you need.  Do you need weekly mentoring calls.  Do you need instructions about how to use the oils?  Do you need monthly check ins?  Do you need recipes? Do you need help with your back office? Get very specific so your upline knows exactly what you need from them.  Many times people sign up with someone they don’t even know, and then when the upline falls short of expectations, you want to jump ship.  If your upline is doing doterra as a business, I can almost guarantee that they really want to meet your needs, but if they don’t know exactly what it is that you need, they don’t know how to support you.  A simple conversation will may solve the problem.  Sometimes it can be difficult to do, but I promise you moving teams is way harder than having a conversation.
  2. Another thing I hear all the time is “when I asked my upline for help, they told me to watch videos”. (I literally hear this a couple of times a week from people) If you have the conversation about what you need and your direct upline isn’t any help, I suggest going into your back office and looking at your “upline listing” find the person closest to you that is the rank of silver, it will list their email address and contact them to ask for the support you need.  This has worked for several people I know.  Sometimes your upline moves, or quits doing doterra as a business, but once someone hits silver, they’re invested in the business and will help you.  On the off chance that they don’t keep going up until you find someone that will.  While this may sound arduous, I promise, this also is easier than switching teams.

In my case it wasn’t a matter of my direct upline being the problem, in fact I really loved her, she had been my friend for years, so here is the first reason I do not recommend changing teams, 1) It will damage the relationship with the team you are leaving. My friend and I haven’t spoken since I left. Feelings will always be hurt.  Even if you don’t know your direct upline, there is always a sense of failure when someone wants to leave you or your team.  Also, know that it doesn’t just affect your direct upline, but people 7 above them.  Yes that is right people who don’t even know who you are, care if you are on their team, and not just because they are receiving commission from your purchases, but because somewhere in that 7 people there is someone who is trying to do a business, and who will wish you had reached out to them because if you leave, they’ve failed.

You might be wondering then why I left.  Well it is complicated. Lets just say that our Presidential Diamond was very alienating to some people by not being tolerant or understanding about diversity.  And their were instances where I felt very taken advantage of financially.  What I do know about business in general is that a corporate culture starts at the top and works it’s way down.  This team was no exception; at many levels of that team I was seeing the very same behaviors of our Presidential Diamond and quite frankly it made me sick to my stomach.  I didn’t want to create a business under, and continually fund, people that didn’t have tolerance or inclusion of all humans regardless of their spirituality, sexuality, race, gender or religion.  Additionally, I love doterra products and I didn’t want my relationship with my oils to be soured by my experience on that team, I want my experience with doterra products to be one of love, healing and empowerment.

The first time I looked into looking into switching teams and I read “grow where your planted” I thought What about plants that are planted in environments that are not natural; Roses don’t bloom in the desert and cactuses don’t grow in the rainforest.   I was definitely a rose in a desert, or a cactus in a rainforest, I simply could not stay on that team, someone planted me in the wrong place.  But it sounded simple enough, call cancel my lrp and don’t order for 6 months.  After 6 months email placements and tell them what team I want to be on…. simple right…..wrong!!!!

Once I made the decision to leave, it was Blow after Blow.  I learned that at the rank of elite or below you cant order oils for 6 months, and once you’re Premier or above you can’t order oils for 1 year!!! What?  I didn’t want to be without my oils,,,, so it really sucked.  This might sound like a harsh rule, but it is in place to protect all the hard working wellness advocates out there.  Which I totally get and support.

I then signed my account over to someone my upline found to slide into my slot.  I had to leave my whole team of people in some strangers hands, that was the only way to protect my direct upline (who was my friend) from losing her rank, and I didn’t want to screw here because I couldn’t stand some of the people above her.   The thing is that whether you sign over your account or not, you don’t get to bring your team with you, you leave them all behind.  For me because I committed to those people when they signed up for doterra, I was still supporting them, only someone else was getting paid the commissions for my work.  The girl that took over my account never bothered to reach out to her new team and introduce herself as their new leader.  In fact I got a call with a question from someone on that team last night.  When I say you have to leave your old team behind, that means you have to leave them all behind.  Encouraging people to jump teams or poaching people from other teams is expressly against Doterra’s policies and you don’t want to risk involuntary account suspension, and even though they were your team once, the minute you decide to move, they aren’t any more, and trying to get people to move with you is expressly against the rules.

In order to have 6 months of account inactivity, you cant order on your lrp, so not only can you not order, but when you start up after 6 months, you start at your 10% points back on purchases and have to work your way back up to 30% on the Loyalty Rewards Program.  So that really sucks too.  I like 30% way better!

Because I purchased my convention ticket before I made the decision to switch teams, so not only did I have to go to convention by myself, but they wouldn’t let me purchase a convention kit, without re-starting my account on my old team.  I even tried paying cash to avoid re-activating my account, no dice, no kit.

Throughout the time I was inactive, people kept telling me to sign up under my husbands name, or under my LLC, with a different credit card and get a po box, use a different email address, all of which are expressly against the rules.  Doterra is very clear that you can only have one account per household.  Aside from it being against the rules, one of my personal mottos has always been “if you’re going to be stupid, you gotta be tough”.  I knew the consequences when I decided to move and i didn’t want to taint my relationship with doterra by breaking the rules, or get caught and have the account suspension be longer.  This again totally sucked, watching all of the promotions, product of the month, new products. I missed out like crazy.

Not only did I miss out on the oils and the products but I missed out on business.  People wanted to sign up with me and I had to tell them I couldn’t sign up anyone until my 6 months was up.  And some of those people I would have loved to have on my team.

After my 6 month period, I emailed placements and requested a change of team, which of course took 2 weeks for a reply, and when they replied they needed more information which I responded to, only to wait another 2 weeks for that reply, So in total my 6 month period turned into 7.

Right before I made the decision to leave my old team, I made this video about what to look for in a doterra team.  Hoping to help other people from making the same mistake I had made by joining a team that wasn’t a fit for me.  In the video I discuss things to look for in a potential team.  While I was inactive I tried to follow my own advice and reach out to some people who’s team I was considering joining after my inactive period.  I wanted to find out about team training, team culture and make sure that I didn’t repeat my same mistakes. The crazy things (it’s actually not crazy at all) is that most other team leaders would not talk to me.  Because it is against the rules to poach other peoples teams, they all told me to call back after my period of inactivity, which makes total sense, I didn’t want to get anyone else in trouble either.  The thing is when people say doterra is like a family, it really is.  The six month period when you are an “orphan” can be really lonely.

So after all of that, I have found a really exceptional team full of yoga teachers, energy workers, authors, lovers of life, and empowering individuals.  I took my time (I had 7 months to research) and found a delightful team.  I couldn’t be more happy with where I landed. If you asked me if I would do it again, my answer would be “I’m not sure”.  I know that the team I’m on now is way better fit for me, and that I have deep issues with some of the culture of my last team.  But there were some great people on that team too, who I no longer have contact with.  My advice to anyone else would be to try and make your team work,  make moving a very last option.  Having said that if you know your a cactus trying to grow in a rainforest, be prepared, that 6 months can be a killer.

On a side note, if you are a current doterra person that is building a business, and you are telling people to “watch videos” to get the support that they need, you should probably also know that they might also find a new team leader in those videos,  I did.

Best of Luck to you all,  people always say that doterra is a journey, and it sure as heck has been a wild ride for me.