Well, it’s #Groundhogs Day… Or Not!

Well, it’s #Groundhogs Day… Or Not!

Throughout my 30 day diet detox, I do many things and because I’m not out having drinks with the girls, most of them are done at home.  I once read that everything in your house has an energy attached to it.  (I’m sorry I would cite the source, but I’ve donated as many books to half price books as I have left, except my husbands, because he gets pissed when I donate his, but anyway I don’t remember which book it was.) So this book went on to explain that when someone gives you a gift that you don’t really like, and you keep it in your house, every time you look at it you will feel a little bit of negative energy.  It also goes on to explain that objects can evoke feelings of guilt, can clutter your thoughts, and can block/promote positive energy.  It really does make sense right.  Like everything is made up of moving atoms so there is definite energy in things, but (not this is me talking not the book) what if our energy and emotions can mix with the energy that exists within the object and create a different experienced energy.  When I read this years ago, I immediately thought about the objects that make me smile, that bring up good memories, you know the little objects that you collect throughout your life that make you feel good.  Well, at the time I decided that I would make sure everything in my living space carried a good and positive energy.  Then life happens and of course I lost focus.  I think we are all familiar with the pile of papers, that you just really need to go through and file, but don’t ever seem to make time to do it.  Lately during the average day I come across many things that remind me of groundhogs day.  I look at it, think about it, and then leave it so that the next time I look at it I can have the same distain for my lack of motivation in actually doing something with it last time I saw it, but then usually leave it again, and so the cycle repeats. During my detox month, I thought how great it would be to actually do something with these things. So each day when I would see something, like my used to be favorite sweater that my husband shrunk which makes me sad that I can’t wear it anymore every time I see it, I put it in the donate box, or the trash bin.  I have no guilt about getting rid of gifts that I don’t like instead of clogging up a closet with them. I tackled piles of papers, added all the addresses from sent Christmas cards to my address book so I would have them for next year, then recycled the christmas cards.

Energy is such a strong thing and while were on the topic of clearing out and uplifting the energy in living spaces.  Plants have specific vibrational levels or energies, and are a great thing to have in your house, but that energy can quickly turn negative when they collect dust.  The essential oils extracted from plants also have a vibrational level, and lucky  for us there are experts that study them to determine which ones actually affect the brain in an uplifting way.  Lately it has been the blend Motivate for me.  I love this stuff, and whenever I put it on or start diffusing it, shit gets done.  I think my husband is starting to love it too.  If you don’t have motivate, try some citrus like lemon, or contact me and I can help you get some motivate.

The only Groundhogs day I want to experience this year is the one where  Puxatony Phil decides we’re done with winter which either means he sees his shadow, or doesn’t but I always get them mixed up.   Either way I’m ahead on my spring cleaning, and the Brunskill house is feeling really great.   BTW, WTF is a groundhog anyway  Is it a bear that drank too much coffee and stunted it’s growth?

Essential Oils for Inauguration Day

Today I am packing and prepping for my journey from Dallas TX, to Washington DC, not to attend the Inauguration as I would have loved to do in previous elections, but to attend the Women’s March on Washington.  What started out as an idea from one woman in Hawaii the day after the recent election has turned into a global event with more than 615 marches organized in 32 different countries on 6 continents.  It is a really beautiful, and reassuring thing to witness so many people come together to stand for human rights and equality for all people.  I must admit, I do live in a little bit of a bubble, or maybe I choose to surround myself with like minded people, but I really thought all the racism, sexism and all the other isms were a thing of the past, I was unfortunately wrong. (That might be the only time you hear me say that, as I am normally right).

Anyway as I continue to nervously pack my bags, I began to think about what I needed.  Snacks to take on the march so I don’t get hangry, a water bottle, clean underwear,,,,oh yeah and essential oils.  Wherever you are tomorrow, whether it is hiding under the blankets, going to a sister march, or an average day at work, there are ways that essential oils can help your mood.

Throughout this election I have used a series of blends.  In  the weeks following the election I chose to wear a blend called Console which promotes feelings of comfort and hope counteracting emotions such as grief, sadness and hopelessness. I really wanted to pull my hair out, it wasn’t pretty!

I have however moved to a different stage of grief, and tomorrow, I will be choosing some different blends.  I will be applying Balance, a grounding blend on the plane, I find that this blend keeps me grounded in my beliefs but with a calm open mind.  That and the noise cancelling headphones should keep all the plane noise from bugging me out.  Then during the march I will use a combination of Peace blend, which counteracts feelings of anxiousness and fear, promoting peace and reassurance (I don’t do large crowds, like ever, so I totally need this one).  The other blend I will be using is Motivate, which promotes feelings of confidence, courage and belief.  These seem like the two blends that combined will bring out the most confident and clam parts of me.

Even as I write this it sounds like voodoo bull$hit, so I don’t expect anyone to believe it without a little background info on studies and how it works.  Honestly, I’ve heard lectures on this stuff, but my eyes sort of glaze over at the science part of it, I just know how I feel when I use the oils.  But here you go, it’s brief.

According to an American College of Healthcare Sciences, one study done with 58 patients suffering from terminal cancer reported a decrease in pain and depression after receiving an aromatherapy hand massage using Bergamot, Lavender and Frankincense essential oils diluted with Almond oil. All the patients reported a difference, which is significant. At least to me it is. Another study showed that weekly inhalation of Bergamont essential oil reduced anxiety, blood pressure and drove the autonomic nervous system towards a balanced state (calming anxiety), and lets face it, who doesn’t need that right now!

Are you wondering just how this works. Well, here’s my attempt at a summary from the lectures and articles I’ve read.  When you inhale odorant particles, they travel through your olfactory system and bind to neurons.  Inside the neurons there are protein receptors which are turned into electronic impulses and travel to the limbic or (emotional response) part of the brain.  In the limbic portion of the brain they come into contact with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands that affect your body’s chemistry.  When you inhale an essential oil that has a calming vibration, the hypothalamus receives the calming message and creates neuro chemicals that tell the body to reduce the heart rate and nerves.  Conversely, if you smell an essential oil with an energetic vibration, your body does the opposite.

Whatever you are doing tomorrow try putting some oils in your Essential Oil Diffuser, such as bergamont, Lavender, Frankincense to help you stay calm, 3 drops of each in your diffuser is all you need.  If you are reading this and you are excited about tomorrows events, you need more help than I can offer.

I read Jenny Lawson’s (thebloggless, sofa king funny, you should check it out)  post today and she was saying that although she is scared about the immediate future, we will all be ok,  I think she is right, so as I prepare for my trip I have my oils packed and others diffusing. I take solace in her words, and the love that most of the world has for humanity.

If you see me at the march on Saturday, hit me up, I will totally share my oils or snacks or whatever else I have that you may need with you.  Big Love and Peace to you all.

 Lavender is like the girl who has it all, looks so beautiful, smells great, can affect peoples minds, and has great posture!

Grapefruit Oil, Natures Hangover Helper

Grapefruit Oil, Natures Hangover Helper

So after my husbands birthday weekend, I was umm… dehydrated, my head wasn’t feeling that great and my muscles were achy.  Classic symptoms of a hangover.   Of course I turn to grapefruit oil to solve the problem, which works wonders for me, but I’m just geeky enough to wonder exactly how it works.  I also began to wonder if putting grapefruit oil in my vodka would stop the problem before it starts next time.  Maybe I’ll begin collecting data on this theory next weekend.  Today the question at hand is how exactly does grapefruit oil help the symptoms of a hangover.  Which of course if you live in my head, means you have to know exactly what is going on with a hangover.

The throbbing head, achy muscles and nausea associated with hangovers are mostly due to dehydration. (no shit, right), but because the body is dehydrated and doesn’t have enough water content your liver struggles to properly detoxify.   When you liver gets toxins from your bloodstream there is a 2 part process that happens.  In the second part of the process your liver binds toxins to other molecules creating a new non toxic molecule that can be excreted in your bile, urine or stool.  The visual for me is one of my trying to juice a raisin.

It turns out there is a chemical called limonene present in grapefruit oil, and that is where the magic happens.  Limonene comprises 95-88% of the oil.  limonene is a necessary nutrient to aiding the liver in the second phase of the detoxification process.

When I am experience symptoms of a hangover, I put 1 drop of a therapeutic grade essential oil in my water and drink this concoction all day long.  It is two phase, I am getting the limonene that helps my liver process toxins, and re-hydrating all in one, ultimately supporting my body in healing itself.   It is important to note that not all essential oils should be ingested, I only use therapeutic grade, also note that I am not a dr., just an artist and someone that geeks out on how things work, so check with your physician before you try to treat yourself or anyone you know for anything.


And here is a video on some extra oils and tricks I use.