Dryer Sheets are full of Chemicals, Try these DIY Natural Dryer Sheets or Wool Laundry Balls Instead.

Dryer Sheets are a terrible thing to use in your house.  The average dryer sheet is laden with more than 10 known carcinogens, but because the products have less than 1% of the total product being any of each of those carcinogens and because the carcinogens are printed on the label, it is totally legal.  So they coat your clothes with these chemicals which then transfer to your skin and are absorbed by your body.  The worst thing is we are trained to believe that they are good smelling and that the chemical “scent” is a sure sign our clothes are clean.  Ironic, it seems like we should really clean our clothes after we launder them with some of these chemicals.

Here is a video where I list 2 alternatives to dryer sheets to keep your laundry soft, your static down and your home a little bit less toxic.  And Here are links to 6 Dryer Balls for $10 and a Natural Sponge for $13