Doterra Yoga Collection

Doterra Yoga Collection



I was so excited this summer when Doterra announced their new Yoga Collection, and series of 3 Essential oil blends; arise, anchor and align.  These oils smell absolutely delightful, each of them like a breath of fresh air in their own way; each of them very unique.

I have to admit, when I first heard that some lucky girl got the chance to work with doterra to come up with their yoga line, I was a little jealous.  I know not very yogi of me, but the emotion existed anyway.

Then I watched this video:


Although the video doesn’t give tons of details about the oils themselves, I fell in love with Elena Brower and instantly understood doterra’s decision.  She is a true creator and did a fantastic job.

I love how she thinks about the oils and how they allow you to get in touch with yourself, but from a spacial perspective:

“Anchor blend Welcomes you Home to yourself, helps you get started, keeps you grounded”

“The align blend is a way to clear the path and center”

“Arise will brighten any moment, any day, and help you get seated for your meditation and beyond.

Like, wow…. What a rock star.  So of course after watching the video and smelling the oils I had to cyber stock this lady a bit.  What I found was even more goodness.

She also recently published a book “Practice You, A Journal”… What???? After reading about it I ordered it.  What I found when it arrived was a truly lovely, gently guided journal so beautifully designed and illustrated that it is a little intimidating to begin.

It is a great reminder to remember how great all my other journals are after being used and carried around.  I guess you could say the same about our bodies and our minds. as we age.  Pages will have statements like “This is what my center feels like” or  “This is how I become like water”  with ample space for you to explore, write and find.

I knew from the moment I smelled these blends that they were really special, and after learning more about Elena Brower, I know that it isn’t just the oils that make them special, but also the energy that she put into creating them.

I cannot recommend the journal and the oils highly enough and oddly enough, even though they aren’t marketed together, the oils will assist with diving into the journey that is the journal.


Thank you Elena, I’m not sure that you will ever see this, but I love both my oils and my first Practice Journal.  Thank you for creating such beautiful things for the world to use.


Here is a video that goes into a little detail about the specifics of each oil.