Holiday Joy + Arborvitae Doterra Bogo Week Wednesday November 2017

Holiday Joy + Arborvitae Doterra Bogo Week Wednesday November 2017

The week just keeps getting better.  They have just announced Wednesday doterra bogo and it is buy one Holiday Joy and Get on Arborvitae Free… Yippee.


Holiday Joy + Arborvitae Doterra Bogo Week Wednesday November 2017 1

Holiday Joy

this is a lovely combination of siberian fir, wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon, cassia, douglas fir, birch, nutmeg and vanilla.  It smells like christmas in a bottle.  It is only available for a limited time so I get it every december and diffuse it all month long.  It has a warm spicy scent that makes the house feel cozy when it is chilly outside.  It is grounding for the soul and uplifting for the spirit.  I love when this time of year comes around so that I can get my hands on this little nugget.


Arborvitae + Holiday Joy Doterra Bogo Week Wednesday November 2017


This is an underrated powerhouse in the essential oil world.  The name Arborvitae literally translates into tree of life.  They can grow to be 1,600 years old and their oil is so prolific within the fiber of the wood that it wont rot because the moisture cant hurt it.  It is a variety of cedar tree and bugs don’t like it so literally the logs just lay there for hundreds of years.

Doterra does a great thing with this oil in their sourcing and that is that they get the sawdust from a cedar roofing manufacturing company, distill the oil from the sawdust, then donate the pulp that is left after the oil is distilled to a paper factory so that there no waste and little impact.

So how can you use it.

  1. Use it in meditation It is an amazing grounding oil
  2. Good for respiratory support diffuse regularly
  3. I like to mix it with clary sage, cinnamon and rosemary in the diffuser,
  4. Massage into tired feet not only will if feel good, but arborvitae is anti fungal
  5. It deters bugs, so you can put some on a cotton ball and put in the attic or in rooms that aren’t used very often.
  6. Add Arborvitae to any mens blend of oils for a grounding and earthy base note.


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