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When you choose to purchase essential oils through an independent product distributer you are joining their team of people.  These teams can create a very different experience for you.  On Essential Oils Gangsta Team, I believe in trying to create the best most educational environment where you can purchase your oils and get education about how to use them and incorporate them into your life.   Whether you want to be a casual customer, you want to order oils monthly or you want to create a doterra business to supplement or replace your current business, I value all members the same.  I view them as friends.

When people join my team I reach out to see what exactly I can do to facilitate the process.  Some people want to be left alone, in which case I do just that.  Others want to get weekly or monthly updates, some people want weekly mentoring calls to build a business.  I believe that the best Customer Service is when the customer gets to determine their level of engagement and I meet them where they are.  That being said  I will never add my customers to newsletter or email blasts without their permission.  I won’t call you or pressure you to sell doterra.  This allows me to not nag people,  I’m hear when you need.  This allows me to provide exceptional customer service so that you have the best experience and relationship with oils possible.   If you decide to join my team WELCOME. My enroller/sponsor number are both 2591191 you can enter this number under both enroller # and Sponsor # on your purchase page and we can get started.

Having said all of that, you are on this page to order oils, and there are a couple of ways to join.  Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this post so you can see any promotions doterra is currently offering for new customers.

How To order Doterra Essential Oils

You Deserve the Best!

Poor quality Essential Oils or adulterated oils aren’t considered therapeutic and in fact, can cause you harm. That is why I use Doterra Essential Oils Exclusively. They are tested for purity 5 times throughout the harvesting, distilling and bottling processes using a total of 8 different tests.

You can feel the difference when using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils because biolically they are supporting your endocrine (hormone) system, your brain and moods, your metabolism, and your nervous system. They really support overall physical and mental health.

Get Started

What Are Essential Oils?

You know how there Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C, or that feeling of invigoration you get after taking a walk in nature. Both of those are great examples of the benefits of Essential Oils. Essential Oils are aromatic plant compounds that are complex mixtures of naturally occurring chemicals stored in the leaves, stems, roots and flowers of all plants. Some of these chemicals are naturally antibacterial, anti parasitic, anti viral. Designed to protect plants from pests and disease, they can support our bodies in the same way.

If you want to set up an appointment with me and talk about your health goals, learn a bit more about doterra as a company and what the most popular kits are for beinners are Contact Me, so we can chat about what will work best to help you achieve your personal and health goals.

The Cheapest way to Buy Oils

  • Most people start by becoming a Wellness Advocate and purchasing a Enrollment starter kit!
  • When you purchase a Enrollment kit you get:
  • Your wholesale membership fee of $35.00 waived
  • 25%-55% off on all future orders
  • Our most popular and loved oils in a discounted bundle
  • Never any obligation to sell or have a monthly order
  • Invitation to join our private essential oil education group
  • 30 minute consultation to ensure you can use your oils with confidence
  • Option of creating an income with doterra

If you’ve decided to get oils the cheapest way, with a Membership

Get Started Now!

  • Click here or on the Get Started Now button above, enter the country you live in and click continue.
  • Step 2: Select Wellness Advocate  which means if you’re super excited about your oils and tell your friends about them, you can earn commissions from their purchases if they choose to buy oils too, or Wholesale Customer which means you have zero interest in sharing with friends and family or earning commissions.  The only difference is that in order to earn commissions you have to enter your SS# or Buisness EIN# for tax purposes.  Honestly it is better for me when people sign up as Wellness Advocates for the structure of my business, but whatever you decide there will never be any pressure to be involved in any way that you don’t want.  I love business builders and Customers all the same.
  • Step 3: Select Your enrollment kit.
  • Step 4: Enter your payment information and then click “Process Order Now” and continue.
  • I will Email you a document introducing these oils and 150 uses for them.



That’s it, You and I will both receive confirmation emails and we can schedule your 30 minute consultation via Skype or telephone.  We will get your journey started.  I look forward to having you in the gang.  Were like a great big family and super glad you’re joining us.


If you aren’t interesting in purchasing a starter kit, and would like to start with just a few oils, simply click here, follow the steps above and add a $35 introductory kit (which includes all your membership information and a product information book) to your cart and continue shopping for the oils you would like.  This is your wholesale membership for the year.





Here is a video I made after not doing my research and joining a team that was not a fit for me.  Joining a team can be a big decision and moving teams is a real challenge.

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