DōTERRA Flash Sale 3/22/18

So here is something I have never seen dōTERRA do before…. a Flash sale and let me tell you, it is a good one. For Today Only there is 25% off select items that you can get to by logging onto your doterra membership portal, go to the shopping page, then click on special offers….. TADA!!!!! There’s the list for today’s sale items which will expire at 1159pm MST. If you don’t have a doterra membership, click here to learn more about it.

Here’s what Today’s Flash Sale has:

Arborvitae… a lovely grounding cedar wood tree. Known as the tree of life, Arborvitae is an underrated powerhouse.

One and Aspire. Essential oil blends that previously were only available at convention gala’s

Cassia, a lovely oil in the spice family that smells a bit like cinnamon with softer notes

Meleluca (tea tree). Antibacterial and antiseptic properties great for cleaning or for your skin.

Mothers Day Promo: A cute little satchel that comes with 5ml bottles of citrus bliss and

My all time favorite diffuser and what I think is the best diffuser, the petal diffuser. It goes for 4 hours and I love that when it is finished the reservoir is completely dry so there isn’t any water left in the bottom. I love this diffuser.

I hope you get all the items on your wish list, let me know if you need help getting started.

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Doterra BOGO Best Friday of the Year 2017 | Better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday Doterra BOGO Week Presents…

Doterra BOGO Best Friday of the Year 2017 | Better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday  Doterra BOGO Week Presents…

…Doterra BOGO Week Presents: Buy a Petal Diffuser get both Wild Orange and Cassia Free

Thanksgiving is officially over and while most of the country is going crazy with Black Friday and Cyber Monday I offer you Doterra Best Friday of the Year Bogo for 2017  This Friday Buy a Petal Diffuser get both Wild Orange and Cassia Free… While Supplies Last on this one, so make it quick.

Petal Diffuser doterra bogo week Friday nov 2017
Isn’t doterra’s Petal Diffuser so freaking Cute.  It is one of my favorite Diffusers… and I have a lot of diffusers

Buy One Petal Diffuser, which is one of my favorites you can set it to run for 2 or 4 hours and it has the option of running solid or intermittently and I personally love the option of shorter timers so because it is perfect for evenings.  I also love that it leaves the reservoir completely dry.  Other diffusers will leave a little water in the bottom which can get a little yucky after a couple of days.  I use this in my guest bedroom so that if it takes me a couple of days to get in there to clean and strip the bed I don’t have to worry about stagnant water in the diffuser.

Cassia Wild Orange doterra bogo week Friday nov 2017


Get One Free,  And it is a sweet little thing worth it’s weight in gold literally.  It is similar to cinnamon but sweeter.  In fact a lot of oil companies will cut their cinnamon with cassia because cassia costs less to source than cinnamon, so you have to be careful of that.  It is one of the 50 traditional Chinese herbs, which the Egyptians imported from China to use in their embalming process.  In the middle east during ancient times it was considered worth its weight in gold.  So what are the therapeutic qualities of this little bottle of gold?

  1. Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  2. Boosts Metabolism
  3. Warms Cold Extremities (dilute and give yourself a foot massage after skiing)
  4. Encourages Lung Detoxification
  5. Natural Antidepressant.

Wild Orange doterra bogo week Friday nov 2017

Wild Orange

Get one free oil is great, but two is always better… right.  Wild Orange is a great oil that is energizing and uplifting full of antioxidants that also curbs your appetite.  I feel like some orange oils are very sweet, this one has spicy undertones that make it really nice.   As with most citrus oils, avoid putting it on topically and then going out in the sun.

5 Ways to use Wild Orange Essential Oil

  1. Diffuse it in the car to keep your spirits high and your temper low
  2. Add a drop to your smoothie or sweet bread recipe
  3. Add to chocolate recipes for orange chocolate flavor
  4. Put it in a carrier oil and massage on calluses to soften skin
  5. Diffuse in the house for uplifting energy

How Do You Get Your Hands On This Deal?

To order your Doterra Bogo click here  You can click shop now and pay retail prices, or if you have been thinking about getting a wholesale membership (similar to Costco), click join and save to get 25% off for an entire year.

A wholesale membership is 25%off  retail pricing, with the option to get reward points back for your shipping cost and continued purchase. (who doesn’t want product points?).

From there choose wholesale membership, which means you have no interest in sharing with friends and family or Wellness Advocate which means you can earn sales (and commissions) when the people you care about most sign up to improve their health too.

Whether you select Wholesale membership or Wellness Advocate, you can shop at leisure, select the introductory packet and purchase oils a la carte.   You also have the option of choosing an enrollment kit, which are discounted normally, but discounted an additional 20% in November 2017.  These enrollment kits include your $35.00 membership and include our most popular oils to fit anyones expertise from beginner to expert.

To Finish, just enter your information like you would any other shopping experience and your oils should arrive within the week…. Congrats

If you need a little more guidance, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you select the oils and or kit that help best meet your needs at the lowest price available.