Do Essential Oils Cure Disease?

It’s nuts how much of a huge, heavily debated topic this simple question is.  5 words that demand a dissertation (which I have not written) to answer.

There are so many debates about essential oils these days as they grow in demand and supply.  I have heard it all from essential oils curing cancer to essential oils being nothing more than snake oil, and gotten hate mail from both sides of the story.  After letting my pendulum swing back and forth from one extreme to the other, I find that the truth lies somewhere in the middle and with careful wording.

In order to prove that essential oils cure anything there needs to be evidence.  And yes, I do consider experiential knowledge evidence, but keep reading.

To be completely convinced I would need to see a study that conclusively that essential oils, or any essential oil eradicated disease.  And that evidence simply does not exist at this time.

I know about, have heard of, and have witnessed first hand people who have cured many diseases and have used essential oils during that process.  The thing that gets me is that unless it is a double blind study you can never doubt the effect that the mind plays in the process. Let me explain:

There is evidence that your immune system and neurological system and communicating ie, your immune system can listen to your thoughts. So if you are convinced that essential oils are curing your ailment or disease and you are thinking about that, you are sending your immune system a very different message than you are if you know you have a disease and you aren’t doing anything about it.  So it is impossible to contribute essential oils alone to healing.

My second issue with the hate mail and “proof” that people give about how essential oils have cured them is the fact that in most cases when people take a step toward improving their health and healing their bodies and mind (like incorporating essential oils into their lifestyle), they typically take a couple of steps such as trying to think more positive, getting a bit more exercise, drinking more water and  eating a little bit better.  All of a sudden, you have many variables that have changed, hence 1 can not be proven to be the cure.

So I am not of the camp that essential oils can cure anything alone yet, as the evidence just isn’t there…yet.

I do think that science is moving that direction and if we can get some studies published that are double blind, then I will be singing a different tune.

Do I think essential oils play a huge role in helping your body ward off disease, absolutely!  Do I believe that essential oils can help your body heal 100% yes.

Are there too many people touting that essential oils can do more than what science has yet to prove, Overwhelmingly Yes.