Finally a Replacement for those Pesky Plug-ins

Finally a Replacement for those Pesky Plug-ins

I love the idea of plug-ins, but now that I have eliminated chemicals from my house, I detest the smell of them and more than I detest the smell, I detest the damaging to your health hormone disruptors that they pump into the air.

I have been dreaming up essential oil diffuser designs that are as simple as plugging into a wall and forgetting until it is time to refill with more essential oils.  My ideal plug in diffuser wouldn’t use felt pads or water because the felt pads are lame and I’m pretty sure using water next to an electrical outlet isn’t the best idea either.

Finally somebody answered my prayers and started selling them.  When I saw the add pop up on social media, I ordered one without thinking twice.

Introducing the gurunanda plug in diffuser.  This thing is a magical little device that you screw a bottle of oil into and plug into your wall.  It gives 3 short bursts either every 20 or 30 minutes depending on how you set it, and that is that.  You don’t have to fuss around with water you just put a new bottle in the device when it is empty.  And if you aren’t lazy like me and just want to forget it you can do what my sister in law does and turn it on when you get home from work and then your oils will last longer.

One of the great things you can do with the gurunanda is take the plug off, and then you can use it in any usb outlet, think about diffusing while you’re studying or doing a project on your lap top.  Studies show that using a scent while you study and then smelling the same scent before a test will increase test scores…. I wish I had known this while I was in college.

So I purchased one to start, after using it, I loved it so much that I immediately got an affiliate link.  I will be ordering a few more because I have a couple of places where this is perfect,,,, and you can never really have too many diffusers to choose from…Rignt?

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