Aroma Ace Essential Oil Diffuser Review….

I’ve been hearing about the Aroma Ace Essential Oil diffuser for ages and kept wondering if it was worth the price.  After a couple of years of near constant usage of ultrasonic diffusers I decided to look into it.  I spent the dough to get one, and I’m happy to say that it has become a powerhouse in my diffuser arsenal.

diffuser world aroma ace essential oil diffuser reviewThere are a few things I love about the aroma ace, but the first thing is that I Love that it doesn’t use any water!!!!  Yep you heard that right, unlike most other diffusers it doesn’t take water because instead of being ultrasonic it operates as an atomizing diffuser.  I am always carting little pitchers of water around to start my diffusers, but with this little gem, I don’t have to.  Guess what else that means, I don’t have to clean out a water reservoir either.  They had me at low maintenance!  This diffuser has a great design where you just screw the bottle of oil into the machine, and it does its job.

Another thing that I’ve heard on the con side of this diffuser is that it uses tons of oil, so you go through it pretty fast.   There are three knobs on this diffuser.

Diffuser World Aroma Ace essential oil diffuser review1

  1. The first knob gives you 5 minutes – 20 minutes of run time, which will decide how long the device will emit mist.
  2. The second knob gives you the choice of 0 minutes of rest to 20 minutes of rest, or the amount of time that the diffuser and is not dispersing oils.
  3. The third knob is an output amount which is a sliding scale that allows you to choose how much oil is dispensed during the active periods

So, I felt compelled to see if the rumors were true, I didn’t see how they could be with all of the controls.  It turns out they were a little true.  It does use more oils, but it also packs a punch in terms of smell, because you aren’t getting a few oil particles suspended in water, instead you are getting straight micro particles of oils into the air.

Diffuser World, the supplier of this diffuser actually tested the air and found that Essential Oil Particles could be found in the air for 70 minutes after diffusing had stopped, so you really can increase the rest time without feeling like you are losing the benefits of oils.  Armed with this information, I also got a timer that plugs into the wall so that I could set the timer on the wall to turn on once an hour for 15 minutes, then I set the timer on the machine to run for 5 minutes, rest for 10 and there you have it, My Aroma Ace runs for 5 minutes every hour between the time we wake up in the morning and when we go to bed at night.  On this schedule, a bottle of oil lasts me about a week, and my house smells amazing during our waking hours.

The third thing that I heard about this diffuser was that it is too loud.  Much louder than a traditional water diffuser.  Well that is also sort of true also.  It sounds like an aquarium pump which is a much deeper vibration than other diffusers, but again after using it, I keep coming back to “It Packs a Punch”, and is so much stronger than other diffusers.  I did opt to get the silencer for it, and that really helps tone down the sound, and I have noticed that it gets louder when the bottle nears empty, which is how I know it is time to re-fill the bottle.

I also love that this little power house will fill 1,000 sq feet, (company says 1,500) it is hard to find a water diffuser that will cover anything close to that big.  I have an aroma ace in my open concept living area and it fills the whole area.

The other place that I have one is in our master bath.  We live in an old house (1948) and there isn’t an exhaust fan in the master bath.  There is a ton of moisture in there, and consequently I used to have to clean the tile in the shower constantly or I would get mildew.  Not so much anymore.  I read about some oils that kill mold spores but didn’t want to put even more water in the air with a water diffuser.  Boom, this was the perfect solution, No more mold,,,, and no more cleaning tears.

Another great selling point for the aroma ace is ease of use. You can simply buy a bottle of essential oil and screw it into atomizing attachment and pop it onto this machine.  I got a bundle that had the noise reducer and 3 extra atomizing attachments, So I blend my oils, put the atomizing attachment on them and store them in the drawer under the diffuser.  When I want a change of scent I open the drawer and pop on whichever one suits my mood.  Changing scents is so easy with the Aroma Ace, sometimes I’ll change it 3 times in a day, sometimes I’ll change it once a week.  Either way, it is so much easier than dumping the water, which always makes me feel like I am wasting oils, and then re-filling water and mixing oils.  This sooo much simpler to use.  

Scott, my husband was sick a couple of months ago and the aroma ace came to the rescue again.  I popped an immunity blend in this and put it by his bed, the next day he woke up feeling like brand new.  Because it is straight oil and so concentrated, he was able to recover way faster than I believe he would have had we used 6 drops of immunity blend in a water diffuser.

Overall I will say that the aroma ace is my favorite diffuser.  It took me a while to get used to it, and get the timing down, but now that I have worked out the kinks, it is the powerhouse of my house.  It keeps everything smelling good, keeps us healthy and keeps the mildew out of the shower.  While it is a little louder than a water diffuser and it does use more oils, it is really a strong diffuser and we have grown to love it.

The cons of the Aroma Ace:

  • It’s expensive compared to water diffusers (but comes with a 5 year warranty)
  • It uses more oils than water diffusers
  • It is louder than most diffusers

The Pros of the Aroma Ace:

  • Aroma Ace from Diffuser World Comes in 5 colors you can choose from (I chose copper)
  • Aroma Ace is Low Maintenance
  • Aroma Ace is Easy to use
  • Build in timers allow you to choose how frequently it goes on and off
  • Aroma Ace mist is pure oils so your family receives the health benefits faster
  • Aroma Ace  covers a large square footage (1,000sq ft)
  • In a study non water diffusers like the aroma ace were shown to kill mold and mildew when used in combination with certain essential oils.
  • Diffuser world has a great Customer Service Staff and online video library

I believe that the benefits way outweigh the negatives, and the Aroma Ace was an excellent choice for my household. Get an Aroma Ace for your home.