Cyprus Essential Oil: Learn about Cypress Benefits & Cypress oil uses

This is an oil that I recently started using and am  currently loving, so I’m glad it is 10% off this month (March 2018) because I need to stock up.  Here is everything I know about Cypress Essential Oil or Cupressus Sempervirens.

Cypress is an evergreen tree which can grow to over 100 feet is named after an island where it used to be worshiped (Tisserand 215).  The oldest living tree is more than 4000 years old and is in Iran which is fitting because the word literally translates to “Ever Living” in greek.   The wood from the tree has commonly been used in furniture because of it’s ability to repel bugs, wormwood specifically. This is the reason that the ancient Egyptians used it in their sarcophagi and possibly why historically it is a symbol of death… yikes.

It isn’t all that depressing though, in ancient Chinese medicine the cones or nuts of the cypress tree are considered nutritious and fattening (Tisserand p 216).  The oil is steam distilled from the twigs stems and needles, and produces a relaxing feeling that helps the respiratory system fight infections.  It aids the liver in detoxification and helps to relieve anxiety (Worwood)

While there is a bit of historical evidence that Cypress oil was used in ancient medicine, there is mounting evidence in modern medicine of its benefits as well. In this pubmed study it was shown that one of the chemical constituents camphene was effective in prohibiting the growth of bacteria and yeast… yippee… And even better in this study the oil was shown to reduce cholesterol and have benefits for the liver and detoxification processes.  So maybe this is good to diffuse the morning after you’ve had 1 too many adult beverages… Just Saying.

So there are some definite physical benefits to this oil but there are also some emotional ones, with the most prominent being that it promotes self confidence and after 2 weeks of regular use, it has been shown to increase self confidence (Worwood P115).

You’re probably wondering what you do with it?


Here are my top 5 Uses for Cypress Essential Oil

  1. Balances Oily skin.  Add 2 drops to your mud mask on a weekly basis to get your skin in check.
  2. Diffuse with a citrus oil.  I have been loving Cypress and Lemon, My house smells like a fresh forest and cypress oil is cleansing for the air, so it clears my mind and my house.
  3. Dilute in a carrier oil and apply to legs and feet before a workout.  It promotes circulation and this helps get you going before you actually get going.
  4. Dilute and apply to your wrists, neck and ankles during a long flight.  Because cypress essential oil helps stimulate circulation, it also prevents water retention.  After my 26 hour flight to Thailand, I had ankles that looked like the elephants that were native to the country.  I wish I had known this back then.
  5. Dilute Cypress Oil in a carrier oil and apply to varicose veins.

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