Doterra Bogo Week Thursday November 2017 Lavender + Peppermint Essential Oil

Happpy Thanksgiving Everyone.  My favorite Holiday of the year.  A whole day based on Gratitude and love.  Sit with that for a moment.  I have elevation in my diffuser and I am loving life.

I am extremely grateful that I found doterra,,, and that they do BOGO week a few times a year.  Today is exciting but I’ll keep it short since I know there is family to attend to and food to eat.

Today Doterra announced that for Doterra Bogo Week they are giving us the opportunity to stock up on 2 staples Buy one Lavender, get one peppermint Free.  Wondering what you can do with them?

Lavender Peppermint doterra bogo week Thursday Nov 2017

Lavender Oil 

Lavender Oil has been used and cherished for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and myriad benefits. In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking, and as a perfume.  Today, lavender oil is extracted mostly from the flowers of the lavender plant, primarily through steam distillation. Research shows that Lavender Essential Oil improves blood circulation and reduces blood pressure. Improved circulation increases oxygen that is available to your cells, organs, brain and skin.[1]  Since oxygen is necessary for proper cell regeneration and function, lavender essential oil can be a great thing to add to your health arsenal.  It has also been proven to treat insomnia in a recent study.[2]

Lavender is also frequently used to reduce the appearance of surface skin imperfections. You can add lavender to bath water to soak away stress or apply to the temples and the back of the neck. Add a few drops of Lavender to pillows, bedding, or bottoms of feet to promote a restful night’s sleep. Due to Lavender’s versatile properties, it is considered the must-have oil to have on hand at all times.


10 Uses for Lavender

  1. Take a Lavender Bath. Put 5 drops of Lavender into 1 Cup Epson salts then add to your bath water for an ultra-relaxing experience.
  2. After a hard work out or a long day on your feet, rub lavender along with Lemongrass on your legs and feet.  It will help soothe sore muscles and allow you to fully rest.
  3. Mix three parts fractionated coconut oil with 1 part Lavender roller ball to help clear up skin irritation.
  4. Bring on the ZZZS. Rub on the bottoms of the feet for a more restful sleep.
  5. Sprinkle a mixture of 1 cup baking soda and 10 drops Lavender essential oil on your mattress.  Vacuum after an Hour
  6. Put 2-3 drops Lavender oil on a minor burn to decrease pain.
  7. A sleep time Trick. A few drops of Lavender placed on a pillow will help a restless toddler (or adult) fall asleep and stay asleep.
  8. Lavender is a flavor enhancer Lavender Sea Salt is a welcome addition to many savory dishes adding to risotto and rice, and makes a fragrant rub for chicken, fish, or lamb, and an unusual and subtle flavor enhancer for freshly cooked vegetables, especially asparagus. Lavender Sugar, you’ll love the flavor it adds to your baked goods and drinks.
  9.  1 drop of Lavender will help relieve the pain and sensitivity of occasional sore gums, dry or chapped lips, occasional scrapes and abrasions or after too much sun
  10. Clear the Mind. Rub 2-3 drops of lavender on your temples to calm the mind.
  11. Apply Lavender oil on a bee sting or insect bite to stop itching reduce swelling.


And Then There’s Peppermint….

peppermint lavender doterra bogo week thursday nov 2017

Peppermint Essential Oil

Not only is peppermint one of the oldest European herbs used for medicinal purposes, other historical accounts date its use to ancient Chinese and Japanese folk medicine. It’s also mentioned in Greek mythology the nymph Mentha was transformed into an herb by Pluto who had fallen in love with her and wanted people to appreciate her for years to come. The health benefits of peppermint oil as well as peppermint oil uses have been documented back to 1,000 BC and have been found in several Egyptian pyramids.[1]


10 Uses for Peppermint:

  1. Dilute a drop of Peppermint oil combined with fractionated coconut oil and place under your nose to support open airways and help you breath easier.
  2. Add a drop of peppermint to your tongue and crazy sciency things happen with your protein receptors and the message your brain gets about the body temperature, and it can literally help you to feel much cooler.[2]
  3. Peppermint oil may be used to soothe a sore throat. The chemical properties of menthol temporarily cool and calm pain while at the same time thinning mucous. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil can also help to reduce swelling and provide further relief. Try brewing peppermint tea then flavor with honey and lemon to help combat infection and speed recovery.[3]
  4. You Could Start a Fire with Your Breath! Use a drop of Peppermint with Lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse.  It freshens breath and builds confidence in your close encounters.
  5. Peppermint oil is an effective alternative to prescriptions for reducing colonic spasms.It may also relax the muscles of your intestines, allowing gas to pass and easing abdominal pain. Try peppermint oil or leaves added to tea for gas relief.[4]
  6. Insect Repellent. According to one study Peppermint Essential oil was an effective mosquito repellent. bye bye west nile.[5]
  7. Out on the Open Road. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel, inhale Peppermint from a handkerchief or straight from the bottle to perk up on long drives.
  8. Approaching Deadlines =Long and Late Hours. Rather than grab a snickers deeply inhale Peppermint to feel revitalized and ready to go.
  9. Un-Block Writer’s Block. Peppermint can support blood circulation and leave you rejuvenated to keep those creative juices flowing. Simply spritz peppermint in the area to keep going. Another test showed that students that inhaled a peppermint while studying and then applied peppermint while taking a test did better on the test, because of the sense of smell allowing you to access areas of your brain differently.
  10. Savor the Combination. Peppermint makes a delicious addition to all things chocolate add a drop into your favorite chocolate beverage or baked goods. For a Quick snack for visitors break out a box of brownie mix and add 4 drops of peppermint oil to the mix before baking. Everyone will oooh and aaah over the minty brownies.

How Do You Get Your Hands On Them?

To order your Bogos click here  You can click shop now and pay retail prices, or if you have been thinking about getting a wholesale membership (similar to Costco), click join and save to get 25% off for an entire year.

A wholesale membership is 25%off  retail pricing, with the option to get reward points back for your shipping cost and continued purchase. (who doesn’t want product points?).

From there choose wholesale membership, which means you have no interest in sharing with friends and family or Wellness Advocate which means you can earn sales (and commissions) when the people you care about most sign up to improve their health too.

Whether you select Wholesale membership or Wellness Advocate, you can shop at leisure, select the introductory packet and purchase oils a la carte.   You also have the option of choosing an enrollment kit, which are discounted normally, but discounted an additional 20% in November 2017.  These enrollment kits include your $35.00 membership and include our most popular oils to fit anyones expertise from beginner to expert.

To Finish, just enter your information like you would any other shopping experience and your oils should arrive within the week…. Congrats

If you need a little more guidance, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you select the oils and or kit that help best meet your needs at the lowest price available.


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