Doterra BOGO Week Monday November 2017 Buy On Guard Essential Oil and get Breathe Essential Oil Free

Holy Greatness.  I love when doterra does a bogo week.  This time is no exception as we are starting the week off strong with Buy On Guard Essential Oil Blend and Get Breathe Essential Oil Blend for free.  Yippee, these are both oils that I use in my home daily.

On Guard Essential Oil

Lets start with on guard.  This is a powerhouse of an oil chalk full of antioxidants (from the clove oil in the blend), and Limonene D (from the wild orange) which is a cholesterol solvent and in this study was shown effective in reducing cholesterol in gall stones.   This power house oil can not only disinfect your home surfaces, but can kill airborne bacteria and by simply diffusing it or putting a drop on your furnace filter when you change it.  And it will boost your immune system the whole time.  It sounds like a busy oil, but it is surprisingly grounding.

I also love On Guard for it’s amazing ability to shift the energy in my house as I transition from outside activities that are prominent in the fall to more inside activities. It has a warm spicy grounding aroma that always works well for me this time of year.


Breathe Essential Oil

This is the oil that turned me on to doterra.  It smells absolutely delightful and is extremely effective in respiratory support opening the airways, leaving your body feeling surprisingly light.  My husband, Scott, diffuses it every night on his side of the bed because although lemon and peppermint can be uplifting, having open airways helps him sleep more calm and deep.  He loves it.  I also love it and use it before a workout, whenever my chest feels full, to maintain healthy sinuses and I also put a drop on my yoga towel so that when I get to savasana I can lie in complete relaxation.


Every day this week there will be a new pair of BOGO oils so stay tuned this week for more bogo deals.


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