Clove Essential Oil Doterra Product of the month November 2017

I am so excited that doterra has selected such wonderful oils as their promotions for November.  The Big news is their Enrollment kit Promotion,,, holy cow it is a good one.

Special U.S Promotion for November 2017…Save an Additional 20% on Select Enrollment Kits. 

Select Enrollment Kits (which are already bundled and discounted) are discounted even Further!!!! Yikes, in 3 Years I have never seen doterra do this before.  Here’s the breakdown of savings.

  • Home Essentials Enrollment Kit  Discounted by $130.50 off retail Price.
  • Cleanse and Restore Kit Saves $130.50
  • Emotional Diffused  Kit has a savings of $103 from retail prices
  • If you’re interested in the Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit (this is my favorite because it is a mini house makeover) You will save $338.95 off retail pricing.
  • Every Oil Kit will save you $995.25; you get every oil that doterra sells with this kit. Yes Please!
  • Diamond Kit saves you a whopping $1396.25 and you get every product that Doterra Makes and sells, it is awesome.

Contact me to get more info on this awesome promotion that I have never seen doterra offer before, it is truly awesome. Or if you are ready to dive in click here to read the instructions on getting started. 

In other News this Month… Did anyone else notice that cLOVE has love in it… Well I love this oil and it is the free oil of the month.

Clove is free with any 125pv Loyalty Rewards Purchase through November 15, 2016.  It is a magnificent oil here is a video about the history uses and benefits of this oil.


The discounted oil this month is one of your new ones, Siberian Fir, all month long this oil is 10% off which is great because it is a powerhouse oil.  Here is a video about siberian fir:



Try this Thankful Diffuser Blend this Thanksgiving Month.  Combine the oils and add them to a diffuser, to some pinecones for a beautifull display or on the inside of the paper towel roll so that every time you grab some paper towels you get a little gratitude.

  • 2 drops cinnamon bark
  • 1 drop clove
  • 1 drop Ginger
  • 1 drop Wild Orange
  • 1 drop cardamom

See you in the next post, have an awesome week.





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