Kumquat Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Is anyone as excited as I am right now.  I just ordered my Mothers Day Citrus Trio from Doterra, and in includes Kumquat Essential Oil, Red Mandarine and Sunny Citrus blend. I’m really stoked to get these little bottles in my hot little hand.

Since I am doing research for myself about this lovely little gem of an oil, I thought I would share.  While there are several different varieties of Kumquat trees, the oil that doTERRA sourced is from the Fortunella Japonica variety which is sometimes called Morgani Kumquat, not that you really care.   Here’s a couple of fun facts:

Fun Facts About Kumquats

  • Kumquat is cantonese for Golden Orange
  • Kumquats are the size of a very large olive or a very small plum
  • Kumquats are native to South Asia
  • The first historical record is in 12th century Chinese literature
  • Kumquats came to America as an ornamental plant in the 1880’s later becoming  a marketable fruit as the Asian Population grew.
  • Kumquat fruit is added to many Asian teas
  • Kumquat trees are used as ornamental bonsai trees in many Asian gardens
  • The Fruit can be eaten whole, peel and all
  • The peel is the sweet part, while the flesh is bitter (reverse of oranges)

Why Use Kumquat Essential Oil

One of the major reasons that I am super into essential oils and am really into this one is because I don’t like to take a lot of pharmaceuticals or use synthetic chemicals.  I haven’t taken an antibiotic in more than a decade (but I absolutely would, if I needed to)  I just try to have a healthy lifestyle and keep a chemical free home, well, mostly chemical free.  In todays world there are so many antibiotic resistant viruses or “super bugs”, which is another reason I am into oils.  The whole super bug thing makes me wonder why the whole planet of species seems to be getting stronger while, we as a human species  are getting more sick.  I guess that’s a later post, but I got on that train of thought because of my findings today… drumroll please…..  In this study kumquat essential oil was tested for antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory affects agains skin pathogens.  The study shows that kumquat oil exhibited strong activity against most of the pathogenic bacteria and yeast strains that were tested.  AND… it was was active in fighting a series of super bugs.  Kumquat oil also reduced the nitric oxide, which is a super science way of saying that it is an anti inflammatory as well.   Pretty freaking awesome right,,, I’ll take two bottles please.

Kumquats Essential Oil is also 98% d-limonene, and let me tell you d-limonene is our friend.  Sounds silly but that d-limonene has been shown to reduce cholesterol, among other things like fighting off cancer cells as explained in this Alternative Medicine Review Volume 12, Number 3 2007

So beyond that, it smells great and accesses the emotional part of your brain that convinces your body you should feel energized and have a positive attitude… I think we could all use a little kumquat oil.

So just to sum all of those benefits up:

  • antimicrobial
  • anti-inflamitory
  • helps your body protect itself against viruses
  • helps dissolve cholesterol
  • helps you feel invigorated and energized
  • improves mood

Not bad right.  This might be my new favorite oil.

 Uses For Kumquat Essential Oil

  • Use this oil with vinegar to wipe down solid surfaces in your home (see the recipe below for homemade non toxic cleaner)
  • Diffuse in the air to get rid of airborn pathogens
  • Put a drop in your hand and inhale to get a mid day energizing boost
  • Add a drop to your facial cleanser, toothpaste or shampoo for additional cleansing properties
  • Add to baking soda and use to scrub the grime off your bathtub

If all of that wasn’t enough I found this guy:

Check out this kid trying a kumquat.  So freaking funny.  Now I feel like I have to look for more. And I just found this one, that might be even funnier.

That just made my Day!!!  Kids are so freaking cute!


Homemade Non-Toxic Surface Spray

Ok so in a 16 oz glass spray jar I add 1 cup of water, 1 cup distilled white vinegar, and 25 drops of anti bacterial essential oils.  You can use 25 drops of 1 oil or do a mixture of a couple of different oils as long as the total number of drops adds up to 25.  The ones I usually use are Melaleuca, Lavender, Lemon, On-Guard and guess what, Now I’ll be adding kumquat.

Get Started with Essential Oils

If you haven’t gotten started on your essential oil journey yet, and you would like to check out my how to order oils page where it explains all the options.  I’d love to help you get started.

I hope you enjoy the kumquat as much as I think I’m going to




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