What are you using to get Monday Morning Started

This is one of my favorite blends to get the week started off right, especially after a long weekend.  And by long, I’m not talking an extra day off because it’s presidents day hanging out sipping lemonade by the pool with the kids, I’m talking about raging parties, eating like shit and day drinking.  Using a diffuser is a great way to get the medicinal benefits of Essential Oils into your body through your olfactory system, it also smells nice in your office and you get the health benefits of the oils.

What You Need

A diffuser.  There are some great diffusers out there and they range in size from small to big.  Keep in mind that most diffusers come with a rating for how many square feet they cover, so pick one appropriate for the size room your trying to fill with sweet sweet smelling essential oils.

This one by Green Air is my favorite for next to my desk, it has a usb cord, so I just plug it right into my computer and put my favorite oils in.  It also lasts about 8 hours

scent trekker

You can purchase it here

If you’re a total effing geek like me, you need/want a diffuser in your car too.  I like to pick an oil that is calming so that I don’t get angry with the crazy Dallas drivers.  The other great thing about this diffuser is that it will fit in the cup holder of your car… Finally a diffuser that doesn’t have those little scent pads that soak up all the medicinal benefits and only disburse smell into the air. With this little puppy you get all the benefits.   Just plug it into the USB outlet in your car and go. If your hoopty isn’t equipped with usb outlets, there are adaptors all over the place that you can plug into your cigarette lighter for a few bucks.  If your still using your cigarette lighter, get some black pepper oil and call me so I can help you kick that disgusting habit.

So now that you have your diffuser you just fill it to the fill line with water.  I think that distilled water is recommended, but I’ve used water out of my water bottle that has electrolyte powder in it in a jam, and it worked.  I’m sure it voids the warranty, but sometimes you’re on a road trip and you need some mutha fuckin oils!  You do need to clean out the water reservoir i think the care instructions say once a week, for me it’s more like once a month.  Just put some plain white vinegar in there and let it sit for 20  minutes then dump the vinegar out and wipe the inside out.

So, on this particular Monday Morning, I am diffusing

  • 2 drops Bergamot
  • 1 drop Geranium
  • 2 drops Lavender

In my scent Trekker next to my desk.  It smells delightful and is keeping me motivated.

Just in case you can’t pull your head out of your ass and understand how to load a diffuser, I made a video for you, I hope you enjoy!

 P.S.  The Nice and kind folks at Green Air and Got Oils DID Not sponsor this video,  and I do not represent their views.   I buy and love their products.  Please don’t judge them because of my vulgar language and strange views.  They really are a great bunch of people who didn’t ask me to even like them much less write about their products using profanities.

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