Trump, Warren and King… Oh My…

Today was a pretty active day, politically speaking.  Lots of people criticizing Sen. Warren for bringing up the Coretta Scott King letter on the senate floor in opposition of Pres. Trump nominating Sen. Sessions as Attorney General.  Saying that Warren will oppose anything that President Trump presents and silencing her with a rule 19.  Some such as Dr. Martin Luther King’s Niece, Dr. Alveda King, say that Sen. Warren was trying to stir up race relations.   I am a privileged white woman… just for the record.  I believe that it is totally relevant and prudent, for Sen. Warren to bring up the fact that Senator Sessions was already denied the ability to serve as a federal judge at a lower level than his current nomination based on his inability to protect ALL americans impartially.  Her letter describes the injustices black americans faced while trying to vote, a constitutional right provided to them by the…ummm…..constitution.    So… ummmm… yeah.. bringing up race relations, and his record with it, was appropriate.  In my humble opinion.  In addition she goes on to say that her family were peacemakers, trying to bring people together.  This proves Warren’s point perfectly!  Warren is just trying to ensure that the laws that govern this country are put in place for all of us all to be judged on equally.

I got an email from someone that I absolutely love (this guy is like my father)  stating that the world is different now and the letter didn’t mean anything because it was written in a different time; however I beg to differ.  “Time” reported 200 hate crimes from November 8th to November 13th.   Under a week, it’s appalling!  I thought we were all past that.  The world has reverted, at least partially, to one of hate, difference, and discrimination.  That might just be “fake news” though.  I don’t see the two girls in my community that were pushed to the ground and had their hijabs ripped from their faces any differently than the black people that suffered brutality during the civil rights movement, it was disrespectful and racist even if bones weren’t broken. They weren’t protesting, they were just going to school.

I digress… a few years ago I did an artist residency in New York with a author who explained to me the definition of “Jihad”.  She learned this because she was married to a muslim and she went through one (jihad that is).  It is crazy but before the residency I felt that the word jihad mean something to die for, something a person yelled before a suicidal bombing.  She explained to me that the literal translation of jihad was “an internal struggle”.   I had never thought of jihad in such a way, but, over time, with exposure to her I began to see, through her eyes. I gained a different view of islam and of the definition jihad.

She, an american woman with a degree in women’s studies, was surprised at the number of struggles she encountered falling in love with, marring, visiting the homeland of and raising children with a traditional muslim man.

Anyway, this internal struggle or jihad, is often the same that christians, or catholics or any person of religion have.  One where a person feels the struggle between what they are doing, which they feel is right verses what their community tells them is right.   I believe that there is a lot of america in an internal struggle or “jihad” right now.   It is something that I believe is human, call me an islam sympathizer, but I am also a catholic sympathizer, a christian sympathizer.

Back to the present.  I really believe that all of us have a responsibility to love one another. Over the years I have collected beautiful friends that have taught me so.  The US Law says “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”, which is a great philosophy, and one we should all live by.  Republican, Democrat, Green, Purple, or (my favorite) Rainbow.  Love each other and evaluate our elected leaders, not based on their religious beliefs, financial ability, their ability to speak in public, but their ability to lead people based on honesty, inclusiveness and the ability to be impartial in the face of facts.

I am slightly to one side of the political spectrum, however, I watch the other sides news.  I want to be informed, not only by the party I selects propaganda, but by everyones.  Be Informed.

And if you’re wondering WTF this has to to with Essential Oils… well guess what.  Use the Peace blend, and if you don’t know how to get it, message me.   I’ve been using it since January 20th.

Be a Gangster!… If not an Essential Oil Gangster, than a Thought Gangster.. Just use your brain!


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