Essential Oils for Inauguration Day

Today I am packing and prepping for my journey from Dallas TX, to Washington DC, not to attend the Inauguration as I would have loved to do in previous elections, but to attend the Women’s March on Washington.  What started out as an idea from one woman in Hawaii the day after the recent election has turned into a global event with more than 615 marches organized in 32 different countries on 6 continents.  It is a really beautiful, and reassuring thing to witness so many people come together to stand for human rights and equality for all people.  I must admit, I do live in a little bit of a bubble, or maybe I choose to surround myself with like minded people, but I really thought all the racism, sexism and all the other isms were a thing of the past, I was unfortunately wrong. (That might be the only time you hear me say that, as I am normally right).

Anyway as I continue to nervously pack my bags, I began to think about what I needed.  Snacks to take on the march so I don’t get hangry, a water bottle, clean underwear,,,,oh yeah and essential oils.  Wherever you are tomorrow, whether it is hiding under the blankets, going to a sister march, or an average day at work, there are ways that essential oils can help your mood.

Throughout this election I have used a series of blends.  In  the weeks following the election I chose to wear a blend called Console which promotes feelings of comfort and hope counteracting emotions such as grief, sadness and hopelessness. I really wanted to pull my hair out, it wasn’t pretty!

I have however moved to a different stage of grief, and tomorrow, I will be choosing some different blends.  I will be applying Balance, a grounding blend on the plane, I find that this blend keeps me grounded in my beliefs but with a calm open mind.  That and the noise cancelling headphones should keep all the plane noise from bugging me out.  Then during the march I will use a combination of Peace blend, which counteracts feelings of anxiousness and fear, promoting peace and reassurance (I don’t do large crowds, like ever, so I totally need this one).  The other blend I will be using is Motivate, which promotes feelings of confidence, courage and belief.  These seem like the two blends that combined will bring out the most confident and clam parts of me.

Even as I write this it sounds like voodoo bull$hit, so I don’t expect anyone to believe it without a little background info on studies and how it works.  Honestly, I’ve heard lectures on this stuff, but my eyes sort of glaze over at the science part of it, I just know how I feel when I use the oils.  But here you go, it’s brief.

According to an American College of Healthcare Sciences, one study done with 58 patients suffering from terminal cancer reported a decrease in pain and depression after receiving an aromatherapy hand massage using Bergamot, Lavender and Frankincense essential oils diluted with Almond oil. All the patients reported a difference, which is significant. At least to me it is. Another study showed that weekly inhalation of Bergamont essential oil reduced anxiety, blood pressure and drove the autonomic nervous system towards a balanced state (calming anxiety), and lets face it, who doesn’t need that right now!

Are you wondering just how this works. Well, here’s my attempt at a summary from the lectures and articles I’ve read.  When you inhale odorant particles, they travel through your olfactory system and bind to neurons.  Inside the neurons there are protein receptors which are turned into electronic impulses and travel to the limbic or (emotional response) part of the brain.  In the limbic portion of the brain they come into contact with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands that affect your body’s chemistry.  When you inhale an essential oil that has a calming vibration, the hypothalamus receives the calming message and creates neuro chemicals that tell the body to reduce the heart rate and nerves.  Conversely, if you smell an essential oil with an energetic vibration, your body does the opposite.

Whatever you are doing tomorrow try putting some oils in your Essential Oil Diffuser, such as bergamont, Lavender, Frankincense to help you stay calm, 3 drops of each in your diffuser is all you need.  If you are reading this and you are excited about tomorrows events, you need more help than I can offer.

I read Jenny Lawson’s (thebloggless, sofa king funny, you should check it out)  post today and she was saying that although she is scared about the immediate future, we will all be ok,  I think she is right, so as I prepare for my trip I have my oils packed and others diffusing. I take solace in her words, and the love that most of the world has for humanity.

If you see me at the march on Saturday, hit me up, I will totally share my oils or snacks or whatever else I have that you may need with you.  Big Love and Peace to you all.

 Lavender is like the girl who has it all, looks so beautiful, smells great, can affect peoples minds, and has great posture!

Immune Boost Green Smoothie

Immune Boost Green Smoothie

About a decade ago while researching health, I found out about the wonderful health benefits of Green Smoothies and while I still love juicing, there are definite benefits to both juicing and smoothies which makes me love them both and usually I will have a juice and a smoothie each day.  The one benefit to green smoothies and  including the insoluble fiber in it is that each little particle of masticated (blended) greens  carries 10 times its volume in toxins out of your body.  Since my body can be pretty toxic at times, I drink them almost daily.

The other benefit of green smoothies is that a combination of greens will give you all the aminos that your body typically gets from animal protein, so if you are trying to cut out animal Products, Green smoothies can be your best friend.

Isn’t it crazy that all cows eat are greens and they get huge.  Part of the bodies ability to absorb all the nutrients is making sure that the greens are really masticated or chewed up (think about how long and slow a cow chews).  I have found that the Vitamix is the absolute best (and I have tried them all), it is a bit spendy, but this machine makes the smoothest smoothies and can do a whole slew of other things too.  Think Nut butters, soups, sauces… It is really amazing.

One of the books that I first read about green smoothies was Green for Life.  It is a really good book in terms of content, however the author is very opinionated about what you “must” do.  Although I don’t necessarily appreciate her editorial viewpoint, I do love the rest of the content in the book.

Here is one of the recipes I will use when I feel like I might be coming down with something.  There is a scoring level for antioxidants in food called the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score for all foods.  This score measures how many free radicals the food can eliminate. The Higher the score, the more free radicals it can get rid of.  When we think of antioxidant rich foods, we typically think of blueberries.  A handful of blueberries scores 6,000 on the ORAC chart.   The Cloves and Clove oil in the On Guard Essential Oil Blend score 314,446!!!  Try this recipe and get your health on!!!!


  • 1 cup Collard Greens
  • 1 orange Peeled
  • 10 almonds
  • 2 cloves
  • 2 Tbsp sesame seeds
  • 1 drop On Guard Essential Oil
  • 1 cup water



I put the greens in the blender first so the other stuff weighs it down, then add the rest.  Blend very well, as the smaller the greens are chopped up, the more effectively they can cary toxins out of your body.  I use a Vitamix blender (no I don’t get paid to say that, but it is an affiliate link, so if you are considering buying one, I would love if you did it through this link so that I can make a small commission). Blend until everything is masticated and enjoy.




Top 10 Essential Oil Uses

 There are many uses for Essential Oils, and more being invented every day.  I use them to clean my house, detox my body and deal with my rowdy Jack-Russel Poodle rescue, named Donkey.    Essential Oils can be a blessing, or a curse, depending on who you talk to.  A year ago my husband called them the “non-essential” oils. Now he wont go to bed without loading his diffuser and needless to say he has dropped the “non” from that particular phrase, but we still laugh about his initial resistance.  I thought I would list my Top 10 uses for Essential Oils.

10     It never fails that whenever I have a big event to attend, I will get a huge monstrous Zit that starts brewing under my skin.  I try to nip them in the bud and from the moment I notice it I will rub a drop of Melaleuca on it every time I walk into the bathroom which usually prevents them from turning into a giant volcanos on my face.

9     After a work out, I will put 3 drops of oil in a cup of epsom salts and take a nice long soak to ease my muscle tension.  Works like a charm, also helps me go to sleep.

8     When your dogs are going Crazy, running around jumping on the furniture like they are kids in a bounce house, give them a little Lavender to calm them down.  Essential oils can be great for pets.  There is a little nuance, to introducing them to the oils though.  You have to put a drop in your hand and let them smell it and see if they like it or cower away.  Remember your dogs have insanely strong sense of smell, so anything strong smelling can be offensive to them no matter how much you love it.  Put 1 drop of Lavender or Cedar wood (or whatever calming oil they like) in the palm of your hand with 5 drops or so of FCO, and then you can pet it onto their fur.  Their fur is like little straws and will suck the oils down to their skin where it can enter their blood stream and calm them the ef down!  If you don’t let them come to the oils with proper introduction, you will have an entirely different situation on your hands, trust me I learned this the hard way with little Donkey.  I’ll post on that soon.

7     I have always told Scott that I’m ok with getting older, in fact it’s sort of cool, I know way more now than I did a decade ago, but I have always also told him I am absolutely not down with looking older.  In my 20s I thought I would inevitably need to get plastic surgery some day and informed him that he should start saving for it.  While I have changed my mind about the surgery part, I haven’t changed my mind about not wanting wrinkles and saggy skin.  Using a combination of a wood oil like Frankincense and a floral oil like Lavender or Ylang Ylang, in your moisturizer helps the matrix under your skin maintain its shape, as well as keeps the surface of your skin looking fab!

6     Use Grapefruit Oil the morning after your “party goblin” got the best of you.  It really is a great hangover helper.

5     Many of you know that I am a hot Yoga Instructor, and that means also a hot Yoga Practitioner.  I began practicing not because I loved the torture, but because I felt how amazing it is for my body.  I am so glad that I found essential oils though because a 105 degree room with 50 of your not so closest friends does not smell good.  I will rub a drop of Peppermint on the bottoms of my feet because it is known to have a cooling effect on the body, and then put 1 drop of Balance blend at the top of my mat so that when I go to the floor I can pretend I’m anywhere that the temperature is a normal range, and it doesn’t smell like sweat.

4    We have his and hers diffusers on our nightstands, and even my skeptical husband won’t go to bed without loading his.  We diffuse Breathe at night on his side of the bed to clear his airways and Lavender on mine.  We both sleep like babies, so much so that we even have little travel diffusers we use while on the road.  (p.s if your husband is reluctant to the idea of oils, this is one way to get him on board)

3     When my breath is so kickin even I can smell it, I put a drop of Peppermint or On Guard on my tongue so that I don’t offend the people across the room that I am screaming at.

2      I have an awesome sugar scrub recipe that I use constantly, like I am addicted. I use it in the shower to exfoliate on a daily basis.  I will caution you that it makes the tub a little slippery.  Not slippery like a slip and slide, but slippery like there’s a substance between your feet and the shower floor.  Totally fine for able bodied people, but take caution with unstable loved ones, or use lots of it in the spare bathroom your Monster in Law will be using before she arrives.

1       Whenever I make a large purchase while Scott is at work, I make sure to diffuse Lemon in the house before he gets home.  Citrus oils are uplifting scents that affect the limbic or emotional response portion of the brain.  Whenever he walks in and smells citrus diffusing it immediately puts him in a good mood, which makes it easier to break the news to him.


Just for fun Here is a video about some of the essential oil dangers



Meet Donkey, He might look like an angel, but he can be a holy terror!