Grapefruit Oil, Natures Hangover Helper

So after my husbands birthday weekend, I was umm… dehydrated, my head wasn’t feeling that great and my muscles were achy.  Classic symptoms of a hangover.   Of course I turn to grapefruit oil to solve the problem, which works wonders for me, but I’m just geeky enough to wonder exactly how it works.  I also began to wonder if putting grapefruit oil in my vodka would stop the problem before it starts next time.  Maybe I’ll begin collecting data on this theory next weekend.  Today the question at hand is how exactly does grapefruit oil help the symptoms of a hangover.  Which of course if you live in my head, means you have to know exactly what is going on with a hangover.

The throbbing head, achy muscles and nausea associated with hangovers are mostly due to dehydration. (no shit, right), but because the body is dehydrated and doesn’t have enough water content your liver struggles to properly detoxify.   When you liver gets toxins from your bloodstream there is a 2 part process that happens.  In the second part of the process your liver binds toxins to other molecules creating a new non toxic molecule that can be excreted in your bile, urine or stool.  The visual for me is one of my trying to juice a raisin.

It turns out there is a chemical called limonene present in grapefruit oil, and that is where the magic happens.  Limonene comprises 95-88% of the oil.  limonene is a necessary nutrient to aiding the liver in the second phase of the detoxification process.

When I am experience symptoms of a hangover, I put 1 drop of a therapeutic grade essential oil in my water and drink this concoction all day long.  It is two phase, I am getting the limonene that helps my liver process toxins, and re-hydrating all in one, ultimately supporting my body in healing itself.   It is important to note that not all essential oils should be ingested, I only use therapeutic grade, also note that I am not a dr., just an artist and someone that geeks out on how things work, so check with your physician before you try to treat yourself or anyone you know for anything.


And here is a video on some extra oils and tricks I use.


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