I’m Shannon, primarily here for your enjoyment. I am an artist, yoga instructor, avid lover of gangsta rap and the activity of lying down; my favorite yoga posture is Savasana. In my quest to have a great time, eat delicious food, day drink and be merry, I have found that these activities require balance. I became interested in how my body chemistry was affected by the environment, movement and substances I put into it a couple of decades ago. My quest to educate myself on the most healthy choices I could make (in an attempt to feel better about my not so healthy choices) launched me onto a trajectory full of nutrition and exercise books, Essential oils, alternative medicines, energy, scientific studies and articles that no sane person would ever find interesting.  So that is me a plethora of dichotomies living happily with my husband of 17 years 3 chickens and 2 dogs. I hope to bring useful information and helpful tips that you can use in your own quest for health, and hope you get to laugh at my expense while reading.